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Event Cakes

At Tay's Cake Studio we specialize in buttercream wedding & event cakes for all occasions.

We have a list of standard flavours and fillings below but we are happy & always willing to try new flavour combinations.

We recommend you have a look on our instagram page for inspiration - Oh, and while you are there why not give us a follow!

For cake serving amounts click here - but if you are unsure, don't worry just let us know how many people you are serving and we will do the rest.

To get a price please get in touch with us

***Please note your cake is only booked once we have a 50% deposit.

Cake flavours

Vanilla dream

Vanilla sponge with Madagascan vanilla buttercream

Chocolate lover

Chocolate sponge with dark or white chocolate buttercream


Luscious lemon

Lemon sponge filled with lemon curd and covered in lemon buttercream

Chocolate overload

Chocolate biscuit cake with dark or white chocolate buttercream


White Chocolate overload

White biscuit cake with dark or white chocolate buttercream

Red velvet

Red velvet sponge with Madagascan vanilla buttercream


Boozy chocolate

Guinness chocolate sponge with Baileys buttercream

Lemon raspberry

Lemon sponge filled with homemade raspberry jam and covered in lemon buttercream

Cookies & cream

Chocolate sponge with oreo buttercream

Vanilla berry

Vanilla sponge filled with homemade strawberry jam and covered in Madagascan vanilla buttercream

Sweet raspberry

Raspberry ripple sponge with white chocolate buttercream

Lime & coconut

Lime coconut sponge, filled with lime curd and covered in coconut buttercream


Nutty carrot

Granny's carrot cake with all the spices and pecan nuts covered in lemon buttercream


Coffee hit with walnuts

Coffee walnut sponge and covered in coffee buttercream (will result in a cream colour cake)

Piña Colada

Coconut sponge filled with pineapple jam and covered in white rum buttercream


Chocolate, peanut butter & caramel

Chocolate sponge, peanut butter buttercream and caramel filling

Caramel chocolate

Chocolate sponge filled with caramel sauce and covered in caramel buttercream

Bespoke : New flavour & filling combos are always welcomed - chat with us to create a flavour unique to you.

**Semi naked and naked cakes have flavoured buttercream and not fillings.

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